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The title of “Bar Mitzvah”– Son of the Commandments or “Bat Mitzvah” – Daughter of the Commandments are Aramaic and Hebrew terms derived from the Talmud as a description of every Jew over the age of thirteen. As Jews we are each endowed with the responsibility to perform mitzvot (commandments) and the opportunity to guide our lives according to the values and ethics of Judaism. This status of Jewish maturity begins on the occasion of a child’s 13th birthday, whether or not they mark this event with a ritual celebration or synagogue service.

Bar and Bat Mitzvah are not verbs. Our children, and each of us, become Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Bar or Bat Mitzvah is not a party and not a ceremony at the synagogue. Being a Bar or Bat Mitzvah is a lasting condition of a Jew’s life. Just as each child is in the process of attaining physical maturity at 12 and 13 years of age, so too does Judaism choose to mark every boy’s and girl’s moral, emotional and spiritual development through this sacred rite at this transitional time in their lives.


  • To develop a positive connection to Judaism, the Jewish people, the Jewish community and the Congregation.
  • To study prayer and the rites, rituals, and individual skills related to the Shabbat service and reading of the Torah.
  • To provide opportunities for a family experience through sharing social, tikkun, hesed, ritual and learning opportunities.
  • To increase the students’ awareness of his/her Jewish identity, to encourage continuing involvement in Jewish learning and Jewish communal activities, including Beth El Teen High, USY, Camp Ramah and other Israel programs and to encourage an ongoing participation in synagogue life through reading Torah, joining the youth choir for the High Holy Days and participating in mitzvah projects with the Tikkun and Hesed Committees.




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