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60th Anniversary Capital Campaign

As we reflect on the past, present and future of Congregation Beth El during its 60th Anniversary Year, we are reminded of the energy and investment that past and present members made to create the special Beth El community that is our collective home. It is because of our Founders, our Builders, and all of you that our present is strong with a beautiful campus to complement our vibrant community.

The next phase of investment to secure Beth El’s future is to grow Beth El’s endowment. With a healthy endowment, we will ensure that Beth El’s campus will be properly maintained and membership will be affordable for current and future Jewish families in San Diego. Beth El Endowment Fund has a current balance of approximately $1,800,000 which this year will contribute $84,000 toward Beth El’s operating costs.

To mark Congregation Beth El’s 60th Anniversary, we are launching a Capital Campaign with goals of raising $750,000 in cash contributions and securing Legacy Bequests from all congregants.

  • The last capital campaign of this magnitude was the Building Campaign 15 years ago.
  • $150,000 of funds raised will be allocated to our Innovation and Campus Enhancement Fund to help upgrade campus safety, security, and classroom needs.
  • $600,000 of funds raised will be allocated to our endowment. The sole purpose of the endowment is to provide an annual subsidy to Beth El operating expenses to ensure Beth El remains accessible and affordable for all future congregants.
  • Pledges can be paid over an 18-month period with final payment due by December 2018.
  • We ask that you engage in a conversation with Beth El about a Legacy Bequest. There are numerous ways to make a bequest and leave a legacy to future generations.

Please know that all contributions are greatly appreciated, and we recognize that the capacity to give is personal to each family. To make a donation to the Capital Campaign and schedule a Legacy Bequest Meeting, please use this link or call Beth El at (858) 452-1734. All pledges made prior to April 28, 2017 will be recognized at the 60th Anniversary Gala, “A Night in Jerusalem,” on May 6, 2017.

Thank you for your continued support of Congregation Beth El.


Graeme Gabriel

Graeme Gabriel

Chair, Beth El Development Committee


Thank you to everyone that has donated

All Pledges made prior to April 28 will be recognized at A Night in Jerusalem Gala.



Fri, November 24 2017 6 Kislev 5778