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welcome to congregation beth el

aerial view of stone family sanctuary and turk family plaza


beth el - house of god

We take our name, Congregation Beth El, from Torah scenes in which our patriarch Jacob names the place at which he senses God’s presence. “Come, let us go up to Beth El,” he declares. About Beth El, Jacob rejoices, “What an awesome place this is.” We, too, believe our synagogue community is an awesome place to go up to, to elevate our sights, raise our spirits, and celebrate our lives through Jewish life, learning, and community.
We view Congregation Beth El as our synagogue home. As a synagogue family, together, we celebrate and learn, rejoice and gather for many occasions, care for one another, serve others and society. In our synagogue home, we seek to live meaningful Jewish lives.
Ours is a beautiful and busy home filled with many opportunities. We join for celebrations in our House of Prayer, Beit Tefillah, to learn and explore in our House of Study, Beit Midrash, and to gather for many occasions as a community in our Beit Knesset, our House of Assembly.
Sun, September 24 2023 9 Tishrei 5784