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welcome to congregation beth el

beth el - house of god

We take our name, Congregation Beth El, from Torah scenes in which our patriarch Jacob names the place at which he senses God’s presence. “Come, let us go up to Beth El,” he declares. About Beth El, Jacob rejoices, “What an awesome place this is.” We, too, believe our synagogue community is an awesome place to go up to, to elevate our sights, raise our spirits, and celebrate our lives through Jewish life, learning, and community.

our congregation beth el community

Here at Congregation Beth El we are each part of a larger community embracing us as we encounter the ups and downs of our individual and family lives. The values, heritage, and relationships touching our lives as synagogue members sustain us. We gain inspiration, support, and home in a synagogue community personalizing for us what it means to be part of the larger Jewish community.
Some of us make regular use of the resources available at Congregation Beth El. Others of us only call upon the synagogue for particular needs at specific times. The reason we join together as a synagogue community is because none of us can receive the services of congregational life without the common support of us all.
Here at Congregation Beth El we offer a full calendar of services, learning opportunities, and programs in support of our member’s personal lives and Jewish identities. We encourage you to explore which of these activities may be meaningful to you.
When you have a moment, please download and read Our Shared Commitment. It highlights our values, what we have accomplished together, and some of our goals for the future. We look forward to hearing your feedback, too! 
Wed, June 20 2018 7 Tammuz 5778