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Adult learning

Dear Friends,
In my first year at Congregation Beth El I will learn and I will teach. Each day the prayer book encourages us to learn and to teach as we live out our lives, lilmod u’lelamed. I will learn of your interests and from your backgrounds. I will teach from my interests and my background. Together we’ll get to know each other through the ideas we discuss and the texts we study.
This year we’ll also begin to imagine the kind of Adult Learning Programs we want to create for ourselves. Proud of Beth El’s legacy and commitment to Jewish learning for all ages and grateful to all who have taught us until now, this year we’ll plan for next year and beyond.
We learn best through experience. Our minds, hearts, and souls retain what we discover when we learn with others in environments that embrace, challenge, and accept us. True for children and adults alike, it is through experiential education and quality relationships that we must strive to provide engaging and meaningful Jewish learning at Congregation Beth El.
My goal is for all of our learning settings to impart religious character, ethical awareness, and a love of Judaism to encourage our learners to apply their intellectual and spiritual curiosities in order to see life through the lens of Jewish ideas and values as well as personal experience. As I look forward to learning and teaching, I wish you meaning and growth in your Jewish learning and teaching this year, as well.
B'Shalom Rav,
Rabbi Ron Shulman

2017 - 2018 Courses

Wed, June 20 2018 7 Tammuz 5778