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Welcome to this synagogue program in the Jacobs Family Community Hall.
While it is always better to be with us in person, at this time of caution, we're pleased you are able to join us from where you are.

Seders In Seclusion: This Night Is Different!     Seders In Seclusion: This Night Is Different
March 26, 2020 Part I                                            April 2, 2020 Part II


seders in seclusion: this night is different!

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Suggestions for Ritual Symbols and Seder Activities…Whether We’re Together or Apart.
Passover approaches and it’s time to prepare. In an unusual and uncomfortable moment, here are Four Questions
as we anticipate our holiday.
1. How do we conduct an intimate and meaningful Seder without some of our usual relatives and friends present around the table?
2. How do we understand freedom this year, in a season of restricted assembly and opportunity?
3. What insights from the Haggadah and Passover story resonate for us right now?
4. What do Matzah and Kosher for Passover food symbolize today?
Rabbi Shulman will speak to these questions and offer other Haggadah hints and ideas for Passover. For all that will be different on Seder nights this year, much must remain the same as we celebrate and rejoice in our People’s story of Exodus and liberation. Passover approaches and it’s time to prepare!
Mon, April 6 2020 12 Nisan 5780