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Beth El Teens

Beth El Teens provides a multitude of opportunities for teens to connect to Judaism. Through USY and Thursday Night Teens (TNT) our teens will have exposure to social, educational, religious, and community service experiences. Join our teen department, connect with peers, and create your own experiences rooted in Jewish culture and values. CBE Teen Department programs provides a safe space for our teens to explore the challenges they may face in today’s fast paced, ever changing modern culture.

Beth El TeenS Membership Options

Registration for Beth El Teen Membership 2019-2020 is open!

Teen Membership Option #1:

Receive all that we have to offer our Beth El teens. Teens will receive all on and off campus TNT programming for free and are eligible to attend the AIPAC Conference in Washington D.C. (Grades 10-12). Teens will also receive a 10% discount on all of our chapter USY events and get to attend Disneyland for FREE!

Teen Membership Option #2:

Teens may attend all on campus TNT programs for free, and are eligible to attend the AIPAC Conference in Washington D.C. (Grades 10-12) Teens may also register for off campus TNT programming and USY events throughout the year subject to event pricing.

*Subsidies are sometimes available through CBE for event fees.


Ariel Moritz            

email:  |  phone: 858-452-1734 x 224

TNT: Thursday Night Teens (Grades 9-12) 6-8 pm 

Defining Character in The Generation Now Era
In a world of advanced technology, it is easy to be influenced and overwhelmed by the amount of information we receive daily. Join TNT to connect, communicate, and engage in meaningful discussions and experience to help develop your personal identity through a Jewish lens. TNT meets on Thursday nights in the youth lounge/conference room. Dinner will be available at every TNT throughout the year. Registration is required for all TNT programs. 

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Past Events

Mega Challah Bake

November 14


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For More Information Contact:

Ariel Moritz      |  phone: 858-452-1734 x 224

To sign up for Beth El Teens & USY membership 2019-2020 click here.

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