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conversion to judaism

Many wonderful and devoted Jews by Choice bless our congregation and the Jewish people through their belonging and their spirit. Some of us choose Judaism before we marry. Others of us choose Judaism after more exposure and experience. Some of us become parents before we choose to become Jewish, or at some later point as our children are finding their own Jewish identities. Some of us choose Judaism for the religious and spiritual meaning we seek in life.
Whether you are considering conversion to Judaism or want to learn more about Judaism for yourself and/or your family, here at Congregation Beth El we welcome your exploration and participation in our synagogue community.
For information about our Introduction to Judaism course, please contact Rabbi Libman. For personal discussion about your possible Jewish journey, please contact Rabbi Shulman, Rabbi Libman, or the Rabbinic Office.
Sat, March 2 2024 22 Adar I 5784