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BEIT Midrash

Thursday, December 13, 2018 5 Tevet 5779

5:30 PM - 9:00 PM
5:30 to 6 pm VTS Parents
Being Jewish at Christmas Time with Rabbi Shulman
We invite VTS Parents to learn with our rabbis and stay for dinner or other BEIT experiences as desired. Students are welcome in study hall while their parents are learning.
6 to 7 pm BEIT Café open for Dinner Deli Menu Night
Register for Dinner. $8 per person, in advance. $10 per person, at the door.
Our BEIT theme for the fall is IDENTITY.
Our courses and programs explore dimensions of Jewish identity, individual and family identity, as well as helping us to identify meaningful ideas, texts, perspectives, and opportunities for ourselves and our community. 
Choose one from this list of many experiences and sessions. Participate in one, two, or all three parts of the evening. BEIT Café offers coffee and nosh all evening.
6:30 to 7:15 pm    BEIT Experience I
Identifying with Judaism’s Sacred Texts | Rabbi Ron Shulman
Following the path from Torah to Talmud and Law Code to Prayer Book, we’ll explore the daily expression of Jewish identity and ethics.
Learning with the Lebowitzs | Ian Merles
Study the weekly Torah portion with the commentaries of Yeshayahu and Nehama Lebowitz - a brother and sister pair of polymath geniuses, Torah scholars, and shapers of Israeli society.
Jewish Mindfulness | Dr. Oded Shezifi
In our busy and overstimulated 21st century lives mindfulness has become a popular practice for raising awareness, decreasing anxiety, and regulating feelings. In this workshop we will discover how mindfulness is embedded in ancient Jewish texts, traditions, and rituals.
Shalom Hartman iEngage Project | Dr. Ray Fink
iEngage creates a new narrative regarding the significance of Israel for Jewish life, serving as a foundation for a new covenant between Israel and world Jewry. Each session includes text study and discussion.
Identify Me | Willy Bagg
Join an informal group of synagogue friends to explore each other’s Jewish backgrounds and how we integrate being Jewish into our lives. We’ll also discover the life stories of prominent Jewish personalities and how they lived their Jewish identities.

Beginning Hebrew Reading | Robin Shulman
Learn to decode the Hebrew alphabet and read basic prayer book blessings. This is a comfortable first step for discovering or rediscovering your ability to read Hebrew.
Intermediate Hebrew Reading | Orli Moses 
Strengthen your Hebrew reading and comprehension skills to better participate in synagogue services and ritual celebrations.
Torah Reading | Dr. Ran Anbar
Learn to read Torah or grow your Torah reading skills. If you wish, read Torah on occasional Shabbat mornings as member of our Torah reading squad. We meet on a regular basis to teach Torah trope to beginners, review trope with more experienced readers, and practice upcoming Torah readings.  
Making Music! | Cara Freedman
Let’s sing and enjoy each other’s company as we learn popular Jewish melodies and expand our personal and communal repertoire.
7:20 to 8:00 pm    BEIT Learning
Issues in Jewish Identity | Rabbi Ron Shulman
Looking back on the burdens and blessings of Jewish identity for those who came before us, we’ll study the past and discuss some of our contemporary concerns about being Jewish today: being Jewish in our open society, family dynamics and religion, anti-Semitism and Israel, continuity and the future.
Jewish Identity through Culture | Rae Antonoff, Artist

Micrography for Spiritual Self-Exploration workshop, focusing on who we are as Jews.

Chai 20’s/30’s – Uncensored
Processing how American Jews feel during the holiday season.  Join Rabbi Avi Libman as he explores the effects of traditional office parties, gift exchanges, decorations around town and holiday music in stores.  How does this affect our American Jewish identity?

8:00 pm
BEIT Experience II

BEIT Talks
Heard of Ted Talks? Welcome to Beth El Talks! Meet fascinating members of our synagogue community. Learn about their lives, their careers, and wisdom from their experiences.
Tonight’s BEIT Talk presents: Barry Edelstein
Barry Edelstein is the Erna Finci Viterbi Artistic Director of The Old Globe. He is a stage director, producer, author, and educator. Barry is widely recognized as one of the leading American authorities on the works of Shakespeare.


Dinner will be Deli night. 
Vegetarian and Gluten free option available upon request. 
We will accommodate requests when possible. 
Please enter the names to associate with the purchased meals. 
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