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BEIT Registration | March 16, 2023

Essential Jewish Ideas | Rabbi Ron Shulman

Each week we will consider and discuss an idea central to the Jewish world view and important for sustaining Jewish meaning in today’s world. The essential Jewish ideas we’ll explore briefly each week include how Jews and Judaism think about God (Messiah, Afterlife, Evil & Free Will), Torah (Covenant, Jewish Law, Ritual & Ethics), and Israel (Jewish Peoplehood, History, Destiny & Purpose). Questions, discussion, and personal curiosity will guide our sessions

American Shtetl: The Making of Kiryas Joel, A Hasidic Village in Upstate New York
David Myers and Nomi Stolzenberg
Settled in the mid-1970’s by a small contingent of Hasidic families, Kiryas Joel is an American town with few parallels in Jewish history. Come learn the story of how this group of pious Yiddish speaking Jews has grown to become a thriving insular enclave and a powerful local government in upstate New York. Kiryas Joel has been stunningly successful in creating a world apart by using the very instruments of secular political and legal power that it disavows. Come learn about Satmar Hasidism from 19th century Hungary to Brooklyn, NY.

David Myers holds the Sady and Ludwig Kahn Chair in Jewish History at UCLA.

Nomi Stolzenberg holds the Nathan and Lilly Shapell Chair at the USC School of Law

Both speakers will be with us in person at Congregation Beth El and we encourage you to come meet them. Online participation is also welcome.

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Essential Jewish Ideas | Rabbi Ron Shulman
American Shtetl: The Making of Kiryas Joel, A Hasidic Village in Upstate New York | David Myers and Nomi Stolzenberg

Sat, February 4 2023 13 Shevat 5783