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Congregation Beth El Event Request Form

We are pleased you are considering Congregation Beth El’s beautiful and versatile facilities for your special event. Our goal is to help you make this event a memorable one so that you are happy you chose to celebrate at Congregation Beth El. 

Once the Event Request form is completed, our Director of Administration will assist you in finalizing your event reservation.  

Life Cycle ceremonies and celebrations must adhere to Jewish law and tradition as practiced at Congregation Beth El, a member of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism. Guest clergy or officiants must be approved by our Senior Rabbi. For more information, you may contact our Director of Administration, Jason Lobenstein at


We welcome your creativity, but keep in mind that nothing can be affixed to the walls, ceiling or doors of the Stone Family Sanctuary, the Jacobs Family Community Hall, foyer or meeting rooms. No flowers or ribbons may be affixed to the pews in the Sanctuary. Candles may be used if placed in safe containers or votive holders. Balloons must be “popped” at the end of the event by décor company or lessee.

Congregation Beth El staff is not responsible for the set up or breakdown of your décor. All décor items must be approved by Congregation Beth El at least two weeks prior to the event.

Party favors such as rice, bubble gum, silly string, bubbles, confetti, glitter, or any other items that can cause damage or not clean up easily are not allowed in any part of the facility.


When we come together in community, we do so with reverence for God, respect for one another, and commitment to Jewish values. Keeping kosher is one way that we express our relationship with God and the Jewish people. Kashrut takes the basic human need for food and transforms it into an opportunity for adding holiness to our lives.

We provide a service to our community by ensuring that all food produced and served in our facility conforms to traditional standards of Kashrut, as interpreted by our rabbis. This allows all members of our synagogue family to join in celebration and observance.

Our approved caterers prepare their food under proper kosher supervision. All food and drink must bear a kashrut certification (hekhsher) from a recognized authority. Address specific questions about your menu to your caterer or our rabbis.

Kosher food traditions also include honoring Shabbat. Your caterer understands how to prepare foods before and during Shabbat. Please be aware that no food may be acquired or delivered to the synagogue on Shabbat or holidays.

All wine, grape juices and grape products to be used for ritual purposes must have a hekhsher. For general consumption, all wines and liquors may be consumed.

Our Kosher food traditions are about ethics and compassion as they reinforce Jewish identity. Please make arrangements with your caterer or our events coordinator to donate leftover foods from your reception to local organizations who feed the hungry and those in need.

Also, please note: Congregation Beth El is a peanut free facility. We encourage you to plan your menu with sensitivity to any of your guests’ food allergies or concerns.


Alcohol (beer, wine, and spirits) may be served at your events. Alcohol must be served by licensed catering staff. Serving alcohol to anyone under the age of 21 is prohibited. Alcohol service should end 30 minutes prior to the conclusion of your event.


We welcome live or recorded music at your event for background ambience and/or dancing. For Shabbat afternoon events, you may begin playing music after 1:00 p.m. For evening events, please note. We comply with the noise ordinance in effect for all of San Diego. Music must conclude by 10:00 p.m.


At the weekday rehearsal prior to your child’s Shabbat celebration, you are welcome to take formal or informal pictures and videos with your family in the Stone Family Sanctuary and elsewhere on the Beth El campus. During all prayer services, on Shabbat or weekdays, we do not allow any photography or videography.

We welcome you to take photos or videos of your Bar or Bat Mitzvah reception. For Shabbat afternoon events, you may begin taking pictures after 1:00 p.m.


The Jacobs Family Community Hall and Turk Family Plaza are available for your event celebration. Please discuss your event needs and details with our event coordinator.

JACOBS FAMILY COMMUNITY HALL                                                   

The Jacobs Family Community Hall is ideal for elegant or casual receptions, lively celebrations including dancing and/or live music, seated luncheons or dinners, and cocktails receptions of all sizes.

A projector and screen are available for your event.

400 guests | Reception with round tables

350 guests | Reception with round tables and buffet tables

300 guests | Reception with round tables, buffet tables, and dance floor

Round tables (60" & 72"), banquet tables (6' & 8'), belly bar tables (29"), and chairs are included with your rental fee. Linens are arranged with your caterer. You may rent a dance floor.


Day or night, our beautiful Turk Family Plaza and garden is the perfect outdoor space for San Diego weather alfresco gatherings including dancing and/or live music, seated luncheons or dinners, and cocktails receptions

The Turk Family Plaza evening lighting is enhanced with market lights making it an enchanting backdrop for your special day.

Round tables (60" & 72"), banquet tables (6' & 8'), and belly bar tables (29"), and chairs are included with your rental fee. Linens are arranged with your caterer.


These spaces are perfect for small intimate settings including dinners, meetings, and more. These spaces can accommodate anywhere from 10-30 guests depending on your needs. 


One hundred and twenty-three parking spaces are accessible from our main entrance on Gilman Drive.

Payment processing to follow after submission. 
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