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How Do I Get Involved?


Welcome to Congregation Beth El! We're delighted that you're considering becoming more involved in our vibrant synagogue family. Whether you're new to the area or seeking a deeper connection to Judaism, we invite you to explore the myriad opportunities available to engage with us. From enriching religious services, social action projects, to meaningful holiday programs, there's a place for everyone to contribute and feel at home. Join us as we come together to celebrate tradition, foster meaningful connections, and make a positive impact both within our congregation and beyond.

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How Do I get Involved?


How does our synagogue approach Jewish tradition, religious practices, and what is the role of prayer and worship in our services?

What Programs and activities does our synagogue offer for members 
of different ages and backgrounds?

How can individuals get involved in leadership roles or committees within the synagogue?

How are we accessible and inclusive?

I am just starting my Jewish Journey, where do I begin?

How does our synagogue support Israel and engage with issues related to Israel and the Middle East?

What support is available for individuals and families during life cycle events?

What are the Beth El Bees? 

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