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In Hebrew, the word Madrich means "teacher" or "leader" and is often used to refer to counselors at summer camps. At Congregation Beth El's Viterbi Torah School, we have created a special leadership training program called Madrichim to both assist our Torah School teachers and to give our teens valuable Jewish leadership experience.

The program begins with a summer training session and continues with each Madrich being paired up with a teacher that they assist on Sunday mornings during school hours. They help with art projects, music, teaching lessons, and put on special school-wide programs. We come to lean on our Madrichim quite a bit!

Our Beth El Madrichim program allows teens in grades 9-12 to gain leadership experience and skills working with children one-on-one, in a classroom setting, and with special school projects as an aid in the Viterbi Torah School. Teens make a commitment for the year and are matched up with a particular class to assist the teacher in class projects and day-to-day activities.

If you are interested in being a part of the Madrichim program, please email Ariel Moritz for more information.

Tue, February 25 2020 30 Shevat 5780