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Gathering together at Congregation Beth El roots all of us in a local, focused expression of Jewish peoplehood and provides us with the resources we need to live compelling and thoughtful Jewish lives.
We belong here because we can’t be the Jews we aspire to be alone. We need each other. We need a community filled with peers, with those younger and older than we are, with those of similar and different temperaments and perspectives. Jewish life wisdom teaches us to join together.
Membership in Congregation Beth El is not be like belonging to any other organization. Our synagogue family embraces all who join with us, sharing our backgrounds, experiences, and stories as we seek personal and collective meaning. Belonging to Congregation Beth El reminds us that by giving something of ourselves to others we discover how much more purpose and perspective we receive in return.


congregation Beth El: our shared commitment

Our membership model eliminates dues as a barrier to synagogue affiliation. Our communal success in this effort comes from our member's support and willingness to contribute. The goal of Our Shared Commitment is to encourage more Jewish families to connect with our religious and cultural heritage without the uncomfortable barrier of needing to ask for financial assistance. Each year member households join Congregation Beth El at varying contribution amounts with our gratitude for each donation and every new personal connection.
Joining together with everyone at Congregation Beth El we know where to turn to celebrate, to learn, to serve, and to be present for every type of Jewish experience daily, weekly, or occasionally. The values, heritage, and relationships we share with others in our congregation sustain us all.
We look forward to meeting you personally and learning how we can help you feel comfortable at Congregation Beth El.
If you have questions about membership, please contact our Membership and Engagement Director Zachary Hoffman. 
Welcome to our Congregation Beth El synagogue family!
Wed, June 20 2018 7 Tammuz 5778