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Beth El – House of God

We take our name, Congregation Beth El, from Torah scenes in which our patriarch Jacob names the place at which he senses God’s presence. “Come, let us go up to Beth El,” he declares. About Beth El, Jacob rejoices, “What an awesome place this is.”
We, too, believe our synagogue community is an awesome place to go up to, to elevate our sights, to raise our spirits, and to celebrate our lives through Jewish occasions, customs, and rituals.
Here at Congregation Beth El we believe our synagogue is an awesome place for Jewish celebration.
We build personal relationships as we rejoice together and support one another. We gather to learn and to be of service to others and society. We honor Jewish tradition while being innovative. In our synagogue community, we are devoted to God by caring for one another. We are a synagogue family of people who value equality and egalitarianism, integrity, human dignity, and honoring Jewish tradition.
Our synagogue community is open and available to every soul who seeks a spiritual or communal home, a place of wisdom and ethics for a tumultuous and challenging world. We invite you to come celebrate with us in prayer, in marking life’s significant occasions, in asking honest questions, and sharing in meaningful Jewish experiences.
Sat, March 2 2024 22 Adar I 5784