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Viterbi Torah School

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in session

Kindergarten & 1st Grade
Sunday 9:00am - Noon
2nd - 6th Grade
Sunday 9:00am - Noon
Thursday 4:00pm - 6:00pm
7th Grade
Saturday 9:00am - Noon
Thursday 4:00pm - 6:00pm


Rabbis and teachers at VTS strive to develop responsible and knowledgeable individuals with positive Jewish identities who participate actively and joyfully in Jewish life. Our classes and programs impart religious character, ethical awareness, and a love of Judaism.  Jewish values, Tikkun Olam, and celebration are cornerstones of the curriculum, promoting connection to community and generosity of spirit. 

K-Gan & 1st Grade: Adamah/Foundation
An introduction to our traditions and figures from which Judaism originated. Holidays, Torah stories, and introduction to our holy spaces and symbols give meaning to our rich history. Hebrew letters are introduced through sight, sound, and vocabulary words, giving the first introduction to the beauty of Hebrew language and prayer. Print letter writing is introduced in 1st grade. We set a strong foundation from which to grow. 
2nd, 3rd, & 4th Grade: Shorashim/Roots
This phase of education delves deep into our tradition and history. Students explore the land of Israel; how values and ethics demonstrate what Judaism brings to the world; and how Torah and lifecycle celebrations guide us on our paths, helping us understand our roots, so we may use that strength to grow. Hebrew classes are taught by level where letter-vowel combinations and syllabic reading is developed, along with cursive letter writing. Students engage in active learning to study both prayer-based and conversational language within the context of holiday celebration to inspire a love of Jewish tradition and Hebrew language. 
5th, 6th, & 7th Grade: Nitzanim/Blossoms
Upper grades explore their place in Jewish history by examining the history of Jewish migration from biblical through modern times. Each student uncovers their own personal story and how it fits within this larger narrative, building a sense of responsibility as a religion, a culture, and an individual. Students explore Jewish stories and extrapolate meaning that goes beyond the surface to ponder things such as conflict resolution, family dynamics, and making impactful choices to be upstanding members of the community. Hebrew learning transitions to in-depth tfillah/prayer singing, reading, and discussion. Students begin LIMMUD, a 3-level curriculum of t'fillah preparation to build skills for b'nei mitzvah and life-long competency.
Wed, June 19 2019 16 Sivan 5779