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Viterbi torah school (VTS) weekly classes

To view the calendar for all scheduled in person classes, click here
To register your child(ren) for VTS or TNT classes click here.
For any questions please contact the Director or Jewish Learning
In person classes - same as fall semester
Thursday - In person classes
4:00-6:00pm : Grades 2-7
6:00-8:00pm : Thursday night teens (TNT) - Grades 8-12
Saturday - In person classes
9:00am-12:00pm : 7th grade B'nei Mitzvah class
Sunday - In person classes
9:00am-12:00pm : Grades K-6
Optional Online Enrichment Programs - by Zoom, sign-ups required
We are pleased to offer the following OPTIONAL online enrichment programs, available to students who miss VTS for any reason, or who want extra learning or educational fun. Zoom links will be provided when you sign up. Please note: these programs are supplementary, and not a substitute for grade-level instruction at VTS.
3:00-4:00pm : Kindergarten and first grade additional learning and fun, age-appropriate activities - sign up here
4:00-7:00pm : 1-on-1 Hebrew tutoring sessions for 20 min time slots, grades K-7 welcome - sign up here
Tuesday - Online extra programs (optional)
4:00-4:30pm : Beginning Conversation Hebrew, grades K-7 welcome - sign ups starting Wednesday here
4:30-5:00pm : Intermediate/Advanced Conversational Hebrew, grades K-7 welcome - sign ups starting Wednesday here

Youth & Teen programs (Grades K-12)

Along with VTS and TNT classes, both in person and online, Beth El offers grade specific programs for additional educational themed fun! As long as your child(ren) is enrolled in VTS or TNT, they are welcome to enjoy any of their grade's programs. Some events are free and some will require additional payments. 
Our youth and teen programs meet during the school year as a way to develop strong Jewish friendships and connections to the Jewish community. Through chapter and regional events, students become aware of a larger Jewish world while learning how to become a part of it.
We divide our Programs into two main grade ranges. 
Youth Programs - Grades K-6 - click here for more information and past/upcoming events
Teen Programs - Grades 7-12 - click here for more information and past/upcoming events


Jewish Experiential Learning at Beth El strives to provide an environment where our students grow to experience an authentic Jewish community that is relevant, personal and inspiring.

Through school-wide experiences like singing, prayer, games and activities, as well as grade-level Judaic, Hebrew and prayer instruction, we engage Viterbi Torah School (VTS) students (K-7) in dynamic and multi-modal learning. We take advantage of Beth El’s beautiful and expansive campus to allow students move and learn outside both to connect with the natural world and to practice safe distancing and snack habits while at VTS.

At Thursday Night Teens (TNT) our 8th-12th graders develop the skills needed to navigate our changing world as informed by Jewish thought. They gain an opportunity to engage in more mature learning about current events and contemporary Jewish life. Teens are engaged in leadership training through which they plan programs and social activities for their peers.

Our approach to developing inquisitive, skilled and engaged young Jewish people pays special attention to the social-emotional well being of each student, so that all can benefit from a safe and connected learning community.

See the Curriculum Here

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