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Yahrzeit - Rembering our loved ones

In Jewish tradition we remember and honor our loved ones on the annual date of their deaths according to the Hebrew calendar, a date known as the Yahrzeit. On this Yahrzeit date it is a sacred custom to attend synagogue services on the Yahrzeit date or the Shabbat before in order to recite the Mourner’s Kaddish. Those observing Yahrzeit may request to lead the minyan service or receive a ritual honor.
On the evening of the Yahrzeit it is also customary to light a 24-hour memorial candle and to let it burn for the entire day. Though no special prayer or blessing is recited when lighting a Yahrzeit candle, it is proper to pause and reflect in loving memory.
We also honor our loved ones’ values by giving Tzedakah, supporting a charitable cause, in their memory.
Your contribution to Congregation Beth El sustains our living Jewish community and honors your loved one’s values.
Please accept our gratitude for this bond which links your memories to your synagogue family.
May our memories inspire goodness and bring blessing.
To make a contribution in memory of a loved one, click here.

Kindling the Yahrzeit Light

On the evening of the yahrzeit, and on days Yizkor Memorial Prayers are recited in synagogue, it is customary to light a 24-hour memorial candle and to let it burn the entire day. Though no special prayer or blessing is recited, you may read this kavanah-devotion and/or share your own reflections.
In loving memory, I/we remember our beloved ___________________________. In hushed reverence I/we kindle this memorial light grateful that who I/we remember remain(s) in my/our thoughts and sustain(s) my/our hopes.
The Psalms declare, “Ner Adonai Nishmat Adam – God’s light is the soul of every person.” As I/we kindle this light, I/we dedicate myself/ourselves to the truth that ___________________________’s life/lives and memory/memories will always radiate the Divine light of purpose and goodness.
May this memorial light reflect the love my loved one(s) shared with me/us in life for which I/we am/are eternally grateful. Thankful for the lives of all whom I/we cherish, I/we remember ____________________________ inspired by his/her/their memory/memories to live today and every day with compassion, honesty, and devotion to the heritage of my/our family and people.
Zikhrono livrakhah – May his memory endure as a blessing.
Zikhronah livrakhah – May her memory endure as a blessing.
Zikhronam livrakah – May each of their memories endure as a blessing.
May the glow of this light remind me/us of the significance which I/we strive to bring to my/our days blessed by the memories I/we recall at this quiet moment.


Sat, March 2 2024 22 Adar I 5784