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Fall 2020 VTS Week by week programs

For details on the programs in September through mid-October, click here for a description week by week with the relevant links.

Note: This weekly schedule will begin on Thursday, October 15. The VTS sessions in September and early October are experiential programs that do not follow this schedule. For more information on those programs, click here.

VTS Calendar

Our fall 2020 calendar can be accessed here
The period of time between mid-September and mid-October is focused on experiential holiday programs, rather than a traditional class model. This is to focus on moments of social connection and community, holiday celebration and supporting families in adjusting to the reality of their secular schooling online and changes to family schedules. 
Our first day of traditional VTS classes takes place on Thursday, October 15th. We are offering a range of different programs at the start of the year and hope you will join us for as many as you feel that your family can partake in.

weekly schedule

Grades K and 1 meet on Sundays at 9am
Grades 2 - 6 meet on Sundays at 9am and on Thursdays at 4pm.
Grade 7 meets on Saturdays at 9am and on Thursdays at 5pm.
Grade 8 - 9 meet on Thursdays at 5pm.
Thursday Night Teens which is open to Grades 7-12 takes place at 6pm.

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