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Membership Commitment

Being part of Congregation Beth El connects us to a vibrant expression of Jewish identity and equips us with the resources to lead enriching Jewish lives. Together, we find inspiration, support, and a sense of belonging that enriches our individual and collective experiences.

At Congregation Beth El, we believe synagogue membership is about inclusion and participation, therefore we have removed traditional financial barriers to participate! Our Shared Commitment allows each member to contribute a Membership Commitment that is a meaningful and appropriate donation for them.

Membership at our synagogue is more than just joining an organization; it's joining a welcoming family where we share our backgrounds, experiences, and stories. By contributing to our community, we discover a deeper sense of purpose and gain valuable perspective from our collective journey.

Honor Roll


Image by Ondrej Bocek
Image by Ondrej Bocek

Our Honor Roll Members are integral to fostering a vibrant spiritual community at Congregation Beth El. Their generous contributions empower us to provide innovative programming and ensure a strong Jewish future.

In addition to their Membership Commitment donations, including the option for a Kol Nidre contribution, Honor Roll members enjoy exclusive benefits such as preferred parking during High Holy Days and front section seating in the Jacobs Family Community Hall. They are also invited to special events and gatherings with notable guests visiting our community.

Above all, the generosity of our Honor Roll members enables Congregation Beth El to continue serving as a spiritual and personal resource for all our members. We deeply appreciate and value all donations to CBE, and encourage members to explore the various ways to contribute, strengthening their connection to our synagogue community. All donations, whether general or specified, contribute towards Honor Roll recognition at the end of the fiscal year.

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