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Learn Together

We learn best through experience. Our minds, hearts, and souls retain what we discover when we learn with others in environments that embrace, challenge, and accept us.


True for children and adults alike, it is through experiential learning and quality relationships that we strive to provide engaging and meaningful Jewish education at Congregation Beth El.

Image by Laura Siegal

We offer learning programs for all ages. BEIT (Beth El Is Thursday) is our Jewish learning program for adults, VTS (Viterbi Torah School) imparts Jewish education to our K-7th graders through experiential learning. Bnei Mitzvah education is for our students about to embark on the rite of passage of becoming a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Our schools, classes, and programs impart ethical character, spiritual awareness, and a love of Judaism. We encourage our learners to apply their intellectual and spiritual curiosities in order to see life through the lens of Jewish ideas and values. We look forward to sharing the joys and bonds of Jewish study with you.

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