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Shavuot 2024 | 

 שבועות 5784 

Hag Sameah!

חג  שמח

At Congregation Beth El we enjoy Shavuot as a joyous festival of Torah study, creative expression, and happy celebration. Shavuot also marks the brighter and pleasant days of spring turning into summer, of a world turning fresh and green with life and beauty.

Shavuot Services Schedule

Erev Shavuot : Tikkun Leil Shavuot

 Shavuot Evening of Study and Celebration 

Tuesday June 11

7:30 PM

This year on Shavuot we’ll study and discuss Torah and rabbinic texts in light of the heavy and emotional topics weighing on us these days. The challenges to who we are as Jews with a variety of perspectives and opinions will become our conversation guided by Torah vignettes, commentaries, and other traditional and modern sources. Come for the conversation, to find care and support in each other’s company and also enjoy kiddush and Shavuot dessert.

Festival Service in the Stone Family Sanctuary

First Day Shavuot: Festival Morning Service

Torah on Shavuot Morning 

Wednesday June 12

9:30 AM

On Shavuot we imagine ourselves at Mt. Sinai and rejoice in the gift of Torah. To honor our holiday’s spirit, before we take the Torah scrolls out of the Ark, our Shavuot Festival Morning Service will include a special opportunity to sit together around tables and study Torah.

Festival Service in the Stone Family Sanctuary

Second Day Shavuot

Thursday June 13

9:30 AM

Our Festival Morning Service includes Yizkor Memorial Prayers as we honor our loved ones and reflect on their legacies of Torah and blessing. Following our service, we gather for a Festival lunch.

Festival Service in the Stone Family Sanctuary


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