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Women's Connection of Congregation Beth El creates opportunities for women to build lifelong friendships and enhance social, intellectual and spiritual connections. Through shared experiences we celebrate Jewish life, support each other and our families, and strengthen bonds in our community and with Israel and Jews worldwide.

Join us during our 68th year! 

Click here to renew your 2023-2024 membership online. Call the office for assistance at 858-452-1734.

Proceeds support Youth, Education, Inclusion, and Women's Programming at Beth El. 


Rosh Chodesh Monthly Gatherings- Our 11th Year!
Next Gathering- Mon., Feb. 12, 2024, 5:30-8pm
Join us to as we welcome
BETZY LYNCH, fellow member and CEO of the Lawrence Family JCC
Betzy participated in the JCC Association's Leadership Solidarity Mission to Israel and posted regular heartfelt and insightful updates documenting her experiences in Sha'ar HaNegev, our Sister City, during the months since Oct. 7.
She will share her first-hand observations from Israel and we all will share updates from our family and friends there.
Celebrate the
      New Moon, New Friends, and New Spiritual Connections. 
We begin with welcomes...
   transition to blessings and our program, and
      end with closing blessings and a blast of the Shofar! 
Since 2014, 200-plus women of all ages have joined in sharing in large and small group discussions, education, Torah study, meditation, movement, prayer, presentations about international Jewish communities, and more. We even met via Zoom during the 2 years when we were not meeting in person.
Join us!  
For more information, please contact Karen Bohrer.
Mark your calendars for these Gatherings:
5:30-8pm- starting with a dairy/parve light potluck dinner.

2024- M 2/12; M 3/11; M 4/8; W 5/8; W 6/5; M 7/8; M 8/5; W 9/4 ELUL

women's connection shabbat january 27, 2024thank you to everyone who participated!Watch highlights below...

Women's Connection Shabbat Service Participation

Dvora Celniker Eshet Chayil Presentation

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Dr. Rhona Fink Reflects on Women Heroes in Israel

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women's connection shabbat Feb. 4, 2023

Aliyah in Memory of Jeanie Katzeff

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Sue Appelbaum| Eshet Chayil Presentation

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Annual Women's Connection Shabbat Celebration

Our Annual Women's Connection Shabbat celebrates the women of Beth El when we participate in and lead all parts of the Service and continue the tradition of honoring a Woman of Valor. This past year we honored Sue Appelbaum, a long-time member of our community with a rich history of demonstrating the values of volunteering to help others.

And we celebrated ALL of our women for all we do:

     **Teaching & Education**    **Tikkun Olam**    **Community Outreach** **Science**    **Healthcare**   

**Counseling & Emotional Support**    **Family & At-Home Learning**   

**Preserving & Creating Tradition**

All women are invited to help with and participate in our Annual Service and the celebration following. All women AND men are invited to take part in this special celebration.

To participate Feb. 8, 2025, contact:

Karen Bohrer at

Edna Yedid at



Women's Connection Festival Art Series-
Watch for NEW DATES in the Spring!

Varda Lev-Ram led us in a session creating POD BEADS with polymer clay and beads of your choosing.

Session included orientation to the materials and techniques plus all the things needed to make unique and creative memorable pieces.  

All women are welcome!
For future sessions...

Come celebrate and learn with us—even if you do not want to do the art!
$38 includes all art materials; $20 to nosh and watch ($42/$22 at the door). 
Wine and light food included


Artist Varda Lev-Ram led a previous session creating Hamsas.

We explored texturing techniques and used them to create polymer clay hamsas. We also explored the rich history and traditions of the hamsa.




Sign up online at here.
For any question, please contact Karen Bohrer
Sponsored by Women’s Connection of Congregation Beth El
In past years, we created Judaic-themed projects including wire and bead “Trees of Life” during Sukkot with Hannah Anbar; paintings celebrating Sukkot and Hanukkah with Keri Goldsmid; Miriam’s and Elijah’s Cups for Pesah, Mezuzah covers, Yads, and Tallit clips with Varda Lev-Ram; crafted books and painted silk with Jacqueline Jacobs; glass Hamsas with Ilanit Shalev; and, folded and sewn books to capture our stories with Visiting Artist Joanne Steinhardt. This year we will create with these artists and/or others working with polymer clay, acrylics, fabric painting, and more.


Knit 'n' Nosh
Second Thursdays 1pm-3pm- currently "on hold"
Watch for updates.
Meeting ID: 846 0024 8094
Learn and perfect knitting and crocheting skills while creating Tikkun projects including caps for premature babies, scarves for women with breast cancer, and hats for Israeli soldiers. For more information contact the Office 858 452 1734.

Mah JonGG

Mah Jongg
Mondays 11:00 am - 3:00 pm
Coordinated by Ronni Zeidman
Beit Midrash at Beth El
Mah Jongg Learners Group
1:00 - 3:00pm
Bring any Mah Jongg sets or items you want to share!
Beit Midrash at Beth El

Did you know it was Mah Jongg that led to Beth El’s founding when a group of dedicated women got together in Clairemont in 1956 to play—and that led to starting a Hebrew school and a Shul in 1957? The 60+ year tradition continues with weekly games and camaraderie. Players must be vaccinated and have masks. Coordinators are Ronni Zeidman and Betty Hoffman.

For more information, please contact Karen Bohrer.


Beth El Moms’ Chat for Moms with School-Age Children
Watch for new dates and upcoming programs.
Chats and future in-person sessions will be to share, unwind, learn, connect, and have fun too! We cover topics of interest to the group including distance learning, holidays at home, new books, community resources, self-care, online safety, healthy family and social activities, sports how-to’s, and more.
Contact us if interested AND with ideas! Stacie Bresler-Reinstein, Susan Levin.

understanding conservative judaism

Watch for details for Sessions for 2023-2024

Rabbi Shulman and Rabbi Libman

Our mission reads: “Congregation Beth El is a Conservative synagogue whose mission is to create a home for every soul by offering a variety of Jewish experiences to nourish the mind, heart, and spirit, while being a caring Jewish community.” What does it mean to be a Conservative synagogue? What is distinctive about our style of synagogue practice and celebration? What does it mean to be part of a world-wide movement right here in La Jolla? What are we “conserving” and how are we adapting? Let’s explore answers to these questions and learn more about the important work of Conservative Judaism. 

Programs like this are for our entire community and are sponsored by Women’s Connection and the Torah Fund Campaign of Women’s League for Conservative Judaism in support of perpetuating Conservative/Masorti Judaism around the world through the training of Jewish clergy and professionals. Click here to learn about the impact of Torah Fund.

For more information on all programs for Women’s Connection Shabbat, please contact Karen Bohrer. We look forward to your celebrating with us!


Women's League for Conservative Judaism
Women’s League for Conservative Judaism is the network for all women who support our mission of enhancing Jewish knowledge, engaging in Jewish life, expanding communal involvement, and supporting Klal Yisrael. It is for those who belong to affiliated sisterhoods and those who join directly.
As an active arm of the Conservative / Masorti movement and the largest synagogue-based women’s organization worldwide, Women’s League provides services to thousands of women and hundreds of women’s groups.
To learn more, please visit
The Women’s Connection Judaica Shop
Looking for a special Judaica item for a holiday, life cycle event, ritual event, or celebration? Please contact Renee at Our team of volunteers will assist you in finding the right item.
Our Women's Connection Judaica Shop funds support our congregation. 

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Membership Information
Click here to renew your 2023-2024 membership online.


Our 2023-2024 torah fund campaign~ Kol Yisrael Arevim Zeh Ba’Zeh All the people of Israel are responsible for one another

TORAH FUND EVENT- Sunday, Feb. 11, 10am-noon

Join us to as we welcome
who will discuss his journey from Africa to Rabbinical School.
Rabbi Ron Shulman will also present a Dvar.

We summon strength and fortitude in these changing times to continue to make an important impact at our global Conservative/Masorti institutes of higher education:

    -Jewish Theological Seminary (NY),
    -Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies (LA),
    -Schechter Institutes (Jerusalem),
    -Seminario Rabinico Latinoamericano (Buenos Aires),  and
    -Zacharias Frankel College (Potsdam).
Your generosity helps provide essential scholarships and programs to train future leaders of the Jewish community. Torah Fund helps develop future rabbis, cantors, educators, synagogue administrators, social workers, scholars, researchers, lay leaders and others.
When you support Torah Fund, you help educate students in New York, Los Angeles, Israel, Latin America and Europe--and you align with those who value knowledge, learning and providing the future generation with relevant skills to enrich the Jewish people.

Woman of Valor - Eshet Chayil honorees

Thanks to everyone who has participated in celebrating our community of dynamic women and our Women of Valor - Eshet Chayil honorees over the years including:

Adrienne Shaw
Betty Hoffman
Lucy Muller z"l
Martha Alden
Eva Nerenberg z"l
Anita Idell z"l
Mindy Gold
Renee Ravich
Myra Bressel
Gaby Kuperman
Joy Wasserman Polun z"l
Edna Yedid
Karen Bohrer
Fanny Krasner Lebovits z"l
Ruth Covell z"l
Terry Miller
Rabbi Susan Freeman
Sue Appelbaum
Dvora Celniker

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Donations to help our community
Women's Connection has a tradition of supporting Education, Youth, and Women's programs. We have also made grants toward the LiveStream system and other needs at Beth El.
This year, we designated funds for tutoring, education, and Camp scholarships to support our families and students.
To support this effort, please consider making a tax-deductible donation here. All donations will be recognized in printed and/or online communications.  Thank you!

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Sat, March 2 2024 22 Adar I 5784